Trojan War by Bernard Evslin

Trojan War

Bernard Evslin


Trojan War by Bernard Evslin

A cinematic tale of passion, war, loyalty, betrayal, and retribution';These events I relate are the living seeds, and they will bear bloody fruit, I promise.' So says Ulysses, King of Ithaca, as he recounts the origins of the Trojan War. Renowned Greek mythologist Bernard Evslin masterfully depicts the ten-year war: its beginnings rooted in discord among the gods; the seduction of the famed beauty Helen of Troy; and the spectacular development of the Trojan Horse, Ulysses' cunning ploy to win the war. Evslin brings to life the dramatic twists and turns of this classic tale of human folly, mortal heroism, and the brutality and brilliance that have come down through the ages.

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Bernard Evslin
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30th October 2012




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