Wild Place Adventure Series 2-Book Bundle by Karen Hood-Caddy

Wild Place Adventure Series 2-Book Bundle

Karen Hood-Caddy


Wild Place Adventure Series 2-Book Bundle by Karen Hood-Caddy

Both books of Karen Hood-Caddy's critically acclaimed Wild Place series are now available in this ebook bundle! Join Robin from the very beginning as she opens her secret animal shelter, The Wild Place, and learns to stand up both for herself and the animals she protects. Shortlisted for the 2012 CLA Book of the Year for Children Award and the 2012 IODE Violet Downey Book Award "e;Howl delivers ... introducing young readers to a broad spectrum of ecology, animal rights, and political activism."e; - Quill & Quire "e;Howl presents the reader with a map both psychologically and logistically of how young people can grow towards maturity and efficacy within their world."e; - Resource Links Includes: Howl Can a twelve-year-old make a difference for animals? After moving to a rural town, Robin is depressed. But when her pregnant dog plunges into the frozen lake, she saves the dog and hence the puppies. She begins rescuing wild animals, and soon she's running an illegal animal shelter. When she's found out, the town tries to shut her down, and she mounts a campaign to save her shelter. The Truth About Brave Whether saving animals from the cruelty of a factory farm or dealing with her sister's suspected eating disorder, Robin struggles to choose whether taking action would be heroic ... or going too far. Worried that she's a wuss compared to her friend Zo-Zo, Robin takes the risk of following her own path, and finds her inner truth and courage.

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Karen Hood-Caddy
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28th July 2014




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