Best Book On Raising Autistic Children by Colleen Moore

Best Book On Raising Autistic Children

Colleen Moore


Best Book On Raising Autistic Children by Colleen Moore

An Experienced Mother Shares Her Advice For Raising An Autistic Child Raising a child with special needs is never easy. It wasn't easy for me, either. My son Ross is profoundly autistic, and has been so since he was a baby boy.I've been through the process of raising an autistic child from infancy to adulthood. It's a heart-wrenching experience for any parent. Raising a special needs kid gets easier, but you'll need the knowledge and patience to make it work.As a mother with 30 years of special needs parenting experience, I can guide you through the most difficult challenges you'll face.The decisions you make as a parent will determine whether your child suffers or thrives under the effects of autism. Learn from my mistakes. Learn from my successes. I want to teach you how to raise a happy and healthy child.These are the strategies that worked for me, and they'll work for you too. I hope that my advice is effective and easy to follow. CHAPTER OUTLINECHAPTER 1: AUTISM BEHAVIORS* How Do You Communicate With An Autistic Child?* What Causes Autistic Behaviors Like Rocking?CHAPTER 2: AUTISM HELP* The Common Mistakes Parents Of Autistic Kids Make* How Do I Know If My Child Is Autistic?* What Government Resources Are There To Help With Autism Care?CHAPTER 3: AUTISM IN KIDS* Unexpected Issues For Caring For Autistic Kids* What To Do If Your Child Is Diagnosed With AutismCHAPTER 4: DEALING WITH DOCTORS* What Factors Do Doctors Use To Diagnose Autism?* How Do You Diagnose Autism?* Ross's Birth: Symptoms Of Autism & The Autism SpectrumCHAPTER 5: SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOLS* What Are Effective Teaching Methods For Kids With Autism?* Will Schools Support My Autistic Child's Learning Needs?My Best Book has these and other helpful chapters.

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