Assads' Syria (Revised Edition) by Kathy Zahler

Assads' Syria (Revised Edition)

Kathy Zahler


Assads' Syria (Revised Edition) by Kathy Zahler

Hafez al-Assad became president of Syria in 1971, following a long line of military leaders. At first, his goals included achieving pan-Arabism, more evenly distributing the nation's oil wealth, and extending the party's power by reaching into every aspect of Syrians' lives. However, through a series of poorly planned economic programs, censorship, and old-fashioned greed and corruption, Assad and his government brought intimidation and the loss of freedom to the nation's people. After his death in 2000, the nation's ruling party elected his son, Bashar, as president. Bashar has continued many of his father's policies, enforcing his own will on the nation and stripping people of their freedoms and economic prosperity. In The Assads' Syria, learn more about the internal workings of one of the world's most devastating dictatorships.

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Kathy Zahler
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Lerner Publishing Group Twenty-First Century Books

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1st August 2012




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