Conquests of Alexander the Great (Revised Edition) by Alison Behnke

Conquests of Alexander the Great (Revised Edition)

Alison Behnke


Conquests of Alexander the Great (Revised Edition) by Alison Behnke

As legend has it, a young prince, Alexander, once subdued a wild stallion others couldn't control. Impressed by the youngster's bravery, his father, King Philip of Macedonia, predicted that Alexander would need to find a kingdom big enough for his ambitions. And when Alexander became king, that's exactly what he did. Alexander and his well-trained armies first gained the support of the Greek city states. Then in the mid-300s B.C., he conquered Egypt and the Persian Empire. With his brilliant military tactics, Alexander took over lands including modern-day Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northern India. Although he lived only thirty-three years, Alexander and his armies spread Greek culture and customs to these conquered lands, joining Western and Eastern ideas to produce a new culture called Hellenism, which influenced the ancient world for centuries to come.

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Alison Behnke
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1st January 2013




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