Oliver Dibbs to the Rescue! by Barbara Steiner

Oliver Dibbs to the Rescue!

Barbara Steiner


Oliver Dibbs to the Rescue! by Barbara Steiner

Oliver just wants to spread the word about wildlife conservation, but his plans go awry when the local prairie dog habitat is threatenedOliver Dibbs is passionate about animals, and he's willing to do anything to help a good cause. The only problem is, Ollie doesn't always think his plans through before acting on them, and this has gotten him into a lot of trouble. No matter what cause Ollie is fighting forwhether it's tigers, wolves, or whalessomething always goes wrong. It doesn't help that his little brother, Bo, always wants to tag along. It's hard to look out for a seven-year-old and save the world at the same time.But when Ollie finds out a local businessman is planning to build a shopping mall right over the town's prairie dog habitat, he knows that he can't fail. If he doesn't step in and protect the prairie dogs' home, they'll all die. This time, Ollie has to make sure nothing stands in his way!

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Barbara Steiner
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8th July 2014




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