Real Hoops by Fred Bowen

Real Hoops

Fred Bowen


Real Hoops by Fred Bowen

Can street ball and technical play mix it up on the court and score wins for the team? Can Ben convince Hud to leave his hotshot style back on the pickup court?Ben and Logan are looking forward to basketball season playing on the Roosevelt High School freshman team. Ben figures he's a shoo-in to play shooting guard and Logan will be the team's center. But their perfect team still needs a perfect point guard.The two boys discover Antonio ';Hud' Hudson at the local rec center, where fast-paced pickup games are the rule. Hud looks like just what the team needsan instinctive passer with fancy moves. Even better, Hud is coming to Roosevelt!Roosevelt's tough coach has one rule for the boys: no pickup basketball. Later, when Ben finds Hud playing at the rec centerin violation of the ruleshe has to make a decision. Does he turn Hud in, or does he keep his mouth shut? As captain, can Ben somehow help Hud balance his passion for the game and his dedication to the team?

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20th August 2013




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