I'm Not Your Other Half by Caroline B. Cooney

I'm Not Your Other Half

Caroline B. Cooney


I'm Not Your Other Half by Caroline B. Cooney

A high school junior finds the perfect boyfriend... but is he too good to be true?Chapman High juniors Fraser and Annie have been best friends forever. They're each missing only one critical thing: the right boyfriend. Then Annie meets Price. And Fraser meets the guy ofherdreams.Gorgeous, sensitive, and considerate, Michael is the perfect boyfriend. Before long, he and Fraser are spending every free minute together. But that's the troubleFraser has no time for herself. She's starting to give things up for him, like the Madrigal choir she loves. Worst of all, she's drifting away from her friends. She feels smothered, as if she can't make a move without Michaelas if she's losing herlife. And the same thing is happening to Annie . . .I'm Not Your Other Halftells a story of friendship and romance, first dates and first love. It's also a novel about the choices and compromises we make, asking the question, Can anyone everreallybe perfect?

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Caroline B. Cooney
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29th October 2013




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