New Year's Eve by Caroline B. Cooney

New Year's Eve

Caroline B. Cooney


New Year's Eve by Caroline B. Cooney

For a group of five girls at Westerly High, the last dance of the year will be filled with magic, moonlight, and end-of-year romanceor will it?Midnight will mark the end of one era . . . and the beginning of another.Kip wishes she could turn back the clock. A few months ago, two boys were competing for her. Now she has no onejust four younger brothers who drive her crazy.One kiss, and Gary turned Beth Rose into a princess. But her Prince Charming has moved on, and Beth's date for the New Year's Eve Ball is a friend's kid brother.Moving in with Anne saved Emily when her parents separated. She may not have Anne's poise or beauty, but she has Matt, a boy who seems to truly love her.Anne isn't the same girl she was last year. And she's lost Con, the love of her life.Molly hates the other girls. And when this night is over, revenge will be sweet indeed.In the grand ballroom of a hotel, on the last Saturday night of the year, New Year's Eve will bring joy, heartbreak, one surprise proposal . . . and unexpected love.

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Caroline B. Cooney
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29th October 2013




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