Snakes Don't Miss Their Mothers by M. E. Kerr

Snakes Don't Miss Their Mothers

M. E. Kerr


Snakes Don't Miss Their Mothers by M. E. Kerr

The residents of Critters animal shelter are all looking for a homeThere are many creatures at Critters, an animal-rescue facility, who are waiting for a home. Irving, a twelve-year-old partGerman shorthaired pointer, loves to watch the soaps and has been living at Critters so long he believes itishis home. Placido, on the other hand, has no problem finding new homesbut with his bad habits, the cat is always back within twenty-four hours. Goldie the Labrador retriever is new at the shelter, and he's homesick for his last owners. Marshall, the black-and-yellow king snake who never knew his mother, doesn't think he's lovable enough to be adopted. But eleven-year-old Walter Splinter doesn't agree: He wants Marshall to be his.Featuring an array of endearing talking animals,Snakes Don't Miss Their Mothersis a fun, heartfelt story for every young animal lover.This ebook features an illustrated personal history of M. E. Kerr including rare images from the author's collection.

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M. E. Kerr
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17th December 2013




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