Morris and Buddy by Becky Hall

Morris and Buddy

Becky Hall


Morris and Buddy by Becky Hall

Morris Frank lost his sight in 1924, when he was only sixteen. But it wasn't just his sight that he losthe lost his independence too. Morris didn't want to be led around by a paid helper or find work making brooms, as was expected of blind people then. He wanted to lead a normal life.One day in 1928, Morris's dad read him an article about Dorothy Harrison Eustis, an American dog trainer living in Switzerland. She had been training dogs for police and army work, but had recently visited a German school where dogs were taught to help soldiers who had been blinded in World War I.Thrilled with this new possibility, Morris set off on his own to Switzerland to meet with Dorothy Eustis and her head trainer, Jack Humphrey. Morris had big ambitionsnot only did he want to learn how to work with a guide dog, but he also wanted to start his own guide dog school in America! Morris began training with his dog, Buddy. While he struggledstepping on Buddy's paws, not paying attention to her cues, and even walking into a gatepostBuddy waited patiently at his side, allowing him to learn. At last Morris felt ready to return to America with Buddy at his side. But his biggest adventure still lay aheadfounding the Seeing Eye, an organization that has trained thousands of dogs to help other blind people lead independent lives.The Seeing Eye is still in existence today and continues to provide dogs and lifetime training to qualified people.';In this true story, a young blind man travels from New York to Switzerland in search of independence. Sightless since a boxing accident four years earlier in 1924, 20-year-old Morris Frank embarks on a transatlantic voyage to meet a dog trainer who teaches him to get around with a carefully trained German shepherd. The clearly written story details the difficulties and satisfactions Frank encounters as he learns to work with his dog, Buddy, and to trust him with his life. After completion of the training, Frank returns home with plans to start a guide dog program in the U.S. From full-page illustrations to small vignettes, nicely delineated drawings warmed with color washes give this slim volume an inviting look. An afterword, illustrated with captioned photos, tells what happened to Frank and Buddy after they returned to the U.S., including Frank's founding of the Seeing Eye School. Books and Internet sites are appended. A fresh and engaging nonfiction choice.'Booklist';Imparts revealing insights both into how blind people were treated prior to the past few decades, and how complex the job of a seeing eye dog is.'Kirkus Reviews';The narrative clearly conveys the trials of man and dog as they learned to trust one another, and the beginnings of Morris's work to bring guide dogs to the United States. The book ends on a high note with Morris crossing a dangerous street in New York City to demonstrate Buddy's reliability to the press. An afterword summarizes the rest of his crusade, which culminated in the establishment of a school named The Seeing Eye and the passage of legislation allowing guide dogs in public places.'School Library JournalThe author, Becky Hall, lives in Utah.Doris Ettlinger illustrates children's books in an old gristmill on the banks of the Musconetcong River in New Jersey. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and has illustrated more than fifty books for children. She lives with her husbandan artist, craftsman, and teacherand two almost-grown children, who make the old gristmill a very lively place.

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