Let's Go to the Beach by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk

Let's Go to the Beach

Elizabeth Van Steenwyk


Let's Go to the Beach by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk

Did you know that women once wore corsets under their bathing suits? Or that "e;semi-drowning"e;-the strip and plunge practice-was thought to be good for one's health? Or that Pudgy Stockton, the body-building queen of Muscle Beach, California, opened the country's first gym for women? From the bathhouses of the ancient Greeks to Venice Beach and Coney Island, Let's Go to the Beach takes a multifaceted and well researched look at beaches and their attendant customs. The text explores such historical transformations as the evolution of the waterways from places of commerce to venues of health and recreation, as well as the bathing suit's revealing journey from full-body cover-up to string bikini. Information about environmental concerns (including beach safety and preservation), along with quirky facts and trivia, round out this intriguing volume.

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Elizabeth Van Steenwyk
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27th April 2009




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