Star Gazer by Chris Platt

Star Gazer

Chris Platt


Star Gazer by Chris Platt

Will a city girl's horse dreams ever come true?For Jordan McKenzie, moving from Los Angeles to rural Michigan was a big change. In LA, she was used to giant shopping malls and classmates who came to school in makeup and heels. In North Adams, Michigan, the nearest Walmart is thirty miles away. Since Jordan is a jeans-and-sneakers kind of girl, she hoped she'd fit in better hereplus, there are horses in Michigan! She has wanted one forever, but in LA they were too expensive. Draft horsesgentle giantsare her favorites, with their dependable demeanors, huge size, and muscle power. Even though all the North Adams kids have horses, Jordan's busy mother barely agrees to let her coop a couple of chickens on their newly rented farm. Jordan's wish may never come true.Then she meets Star Gazer, a Percheron mare, at a farm auction and makes a desperate bid to save the aging horse from the slaughterhouse. Jordan is thrilled to bring her home, but Star Gazer is lame and skittish. Can Jordan's loving care nurse her back to health? And can she make Star Gazer a part of the family before her mother decides to find her a new home?

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19th August 2014




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