Thistle and Thyme by Sorche N Leodhas

Thistle and Thyme

Sorche N Leodhas


Thistle and Thyme by Sorche N Leodhas

A collection of ten Scottish legends passed down through the agesScottish culture is rich with mythology. There are tales of monks and saints, fairies and witches, kings, nobles, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Some stories were never written down, shared instead through retellings that turned storytelling into an art form.InThistle and Thyme, Sorche Nic Leodhas brings together ten folktales that were passed down through the generations as part of Scotland's vibrant oral tradition. In this volume, stories about the changeling and the stolen child, the bride who was cursed to silence by a water kelpie, and the beekeeper who found a rabbit under a spell are just a handful of the thousands of local myths that make up Scotland's colorful history.

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Sorche N Leodhas
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19th August 2014




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