Heather and Broom by Sorche N Leodhas

Heather and Broom

Sorche N Leodhas


Heather and Broom by Sorche N Leodhas

Eight folktales tell stories of romance, danger, and adventure in the ancient Scottish HighlandsIn Scotland during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, traveling monks or harpers calledseanachiespassed down many legends. They would wander from village to village, where local families would take them in and give them food and shelter. In exchange, the seanachies would delight the families with stories they had heard on their journeys.Heather and Broomcontains eight seanachie stories from the Scottish Highlands, including the tales of the woman who tricked the fairies, the younglairdiewith a heart of gold, and the daughter of the magical seal king. The collection gives the reader a taste of the poetic, lively culture of the Celtic imagination.

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Sorche N Leodhas
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19th August 2014




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