Autism and Me by Ouisie Shapiro

Autism and Me

Ouisie Shapiro


Autism and Me by Ouisie Shapiro

';If you see a kid with autism on the street, don't yell at her if she's doing something wrong. She can't help it. Autism is really challenging,' explains Christian, who tells about life with his sister, Mary Gwen, a beautiful girl who loves to swim.In these moving essays, Christian and many other kids tell what it's like to live with siblings who have autism. Sometimes they can't talk much. Sometimes they have tantrums. It can be tough for a family, but there are happy surprises, too.';Autism has helped us to become a better family,' adds Christian. ';It teaches us patience and understanding.'Ouisie Shapiro's inspiring book shows how childrenand all of uscan grow in wisdom, acceptance, and love. Steven Vote's warm photos capture the rich emotional life of these amazing families.

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Ouisie Shapiro
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13th May 2014




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