Watcher in the Piney Woods by Elizabeth McDavid Jones

Watcher in the Piney Woods

Elizabeth McDavid Jones


Watcher in the Piney Woods by Elizabeth McDavid Jones

As the Civil War draws to a close, a young Virginia girl grieving over the death of her brother meets a Confederate deserterAs the Civil War rages nearby, Cassie Willis and her family struggle to scrape a living from their small Virginia farm, while Cassie's father and beloved brother, Jacob, are away fighting with the Confederate army. When a letter arrives with the news that Jacob has been killed, Cassie and her dog, Hector, immediately go to the secret hiding place Cassie and Jacob shareda thicket deep in the piney woods. But when she finds the remains of a campsite, she realizes that someone has been living in their special place. Suddenly afraid, Cassie tries to flee, but runs smack into a Confederate deserter. With Hector's help, she escapes. But she can't forget the man's crazed eyesor the way he threatened her.Soon, Cassie begins to have the strange feeling that she's being watchedand then things start disappearing from the farm. Has the deserter returned to make good on his warnings, or is someone else lurking in the woods, waiting to harm Cassie and her family?This ebook includes a historical afterword.

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Elizabeth McDavid Jones
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8th July 2014




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