Voices at Whisper Bend by Katherine Ayres

Voices at Whisper Bend

Katherine Ayres


Voices at Whisper Bend by Katherine Ayres

At the outbreak of World War II, a twelve-year-old girl comes up with an idea to help the war effortAmerica has just entered World War II, and everyone in Charlotte Campbell's family is doing his or her part, either abroad or in the Pennsylvania factory town where the Campbells live. Charlotte's brother Jim has enlisted in the navy, and her mother works in Braddock's local war plant. Her dad guides tugboats filled with supplies up the Monongahela River. Eager to contribute to the war effortbesides saving to buy defense stampsCharlotte organizes a scrap metal drive like the ones all over the country. She and her sixth-grade classmates start collecting old junk and soon have so much that they have to store it in the school basement . . . until someone steals all the metal.Charlotte is determined to find the thief and get back the precious scraps. Her younger brother Robbie supplies a list of potential suspects, from the school janitor to a fellow fourth grader. Some of the kids think it might be Charlotte's German friend Betsy. But when they set a trap for the culprit, Charlotte has to face the fear that's been giving her nightmares since childhood.This ebook includes a historical afterword.

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Katherine Ayres
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8th July 2014




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