Westminster West by Jessie Haas

Westminster West

Jessie Haas


Westminster West by Jessie Haas

Based on real-life events, a gripping historical novel from award-winning young adult author Jessie Haas To Sue Gorham, life in Westminster West isn't fair, not at all. It isn't fair that she has to do most of the backbreaking chores on their Vermont farm while her sister, Clare, gets to take exotic vacations with their wealthy aunt. It all started when Clare, who's a year older than Sue, got sick. That was three years ago. Now, Clare is a chronic invalid too fragile to leave the house. One day Sue finds a diary in the attic, written by her father after he came home from the Civil War. After reading it, Sue suddenly falls ill. The sisters switch places as Sue becomes bedridden and Clare takes over her chores. That is, until the arsonist who's been burning barns in their close-knit parish community strikes againand this time, it's the Gorham farm.Based on real-life incidents in the author's hometown, Westminster West vividly recreates rural life during the 1800s as it tells a moving and intriguing story of family, community, and sibling rivalry.This ebook features a map and a historical afterword from the author.

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Jessie Haas
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2nd September 2014




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