Be Well, Beware by Jessie Haas

Be Well, Beware

Jessie Haas


Be Well, Beware by Jessie Haas

A Child Study Association of America Book of the Year: Lily's beloved horse Beware is sickcan Lily save her? Something's wrong with Beware.Lily knows the minute she spies the mare standing under the trees, the way Beware does in summer to get away from the heat. But today there's no shade beneath the bare branches, and it's freezing out. When Lily calls for her, Beware doesn't come trotting over. She doesn't move, even when Lily offers her an apple core. She isn't injured, because Lily can't find any cuts or bruises on her. But when Lily tells her to walk, Beware's back legs buckle and she nearly falls down!Beware is sick, but she has no fever and is still eating a little bit. The vet makes a diagnosis, but the treatments don't help. Surgery may be the only answer. But it's expensiveand dangerous.Will Beware survive? Lily needs more than hopes and prayersshe needs a miracle: Somehow, she has to find a way to save her.

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Jessie Haas
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2nd September 2014




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