Dolphin Rider by Bernard Evslin

Dolphin Rider

Bernard Evslin


Dolphin Rider by Bernard Evslin

The Greek myths are celebrated as timeless stories in this collection by renowned author Bernard Evslin ';The Dolphin Rider' is Arion, who lives in Corinth, a city near the sea. He longs to go on great adventures, but an oracle warns that if he embarks on a voyage, he will never return. When Apollo, the god of music, gives Arion a golden lyre for his twentieth birthday, Arion ignores the oracle's words and sets sail for Sicily. Everyone falls in love with his singing, and great treasures are heaped on him, but Arion is forced to contend with an unexpected foe: man's greed. ';The Gift of Fire' introduces Prometheus, the young giant who fears no one, including Zeus, mighty ruler of gods and men. However, when Prometheus vows to bring his precious gift to every cave in the land, he makes multiple deadly enemies. This collection also features stories about Narcissus, destined to fall in love with his own beautiful reflection; King Midas, who loves only gold; Cupid, who must suffer the consequences when he is struck down by love; and the fatally curious Pandora.

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Bernard Evslin
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28th October 2014




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