Monsters of Greek Mythology by Bernard Evslin

Monsters of Greek Mythology

Bernard Evslin


Monsters of Greek Mythology by Bernard Evslin

This first volume of Bernard Evslin's award-winning series introduces the monsters, demons, gods, and heroes of Greek mythology Athena, wise and powerful daughter of Zeus, is the most feared of all the goddesses. Poseidon, the ';earth shaker,' rules the sea with his thunderous wrath. Each wants to control Olympus absolutely. Obsessed with destroying Poseidon, Athena summons her crows by day and owls by night to spy on his vast water realm. The long-simmering feud spawns a multitude of monsters, the most terrifying of which is the brass-headed colossus Amycus. This classic work features a sprawling cast of gods and mortals waging battle on land and by sea, from Zeus to the Titan god Prometheus, from Hades, who guards the gates of hell, to Circe, immortal weaver of spells, to the great war chief Ulysses, who sails in search of his long-lost home.Monsters of Greek Mythologybrings to life fearsome creatures like giant, flame-spitting wingless dragons, a spider named Arachne, goats and swordfish endowed with magical properties, and the Cyclopesone-eyed male and female goliaths even more powerful than the Titans.

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28th October 2014




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