Other Half of Me by Emily Franklin

Other Half of Me

Emily Franklin


Other Half of Me by Emily Franklin

A New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age: How do you define family? Jenny Fitzgerald is an artist who never fit in with her sports-obsessed parents and siblings. Still, she loves her familyeven if she doesn't relate to them. Even if, unlike her younger siblings, Jenny's father is Donor 142. She's always known the truth, but before now, it hasn't seemed to matter much. But this summerher sixteenthis different. Where does Jenny really belong? Her parents don't understand her artwork (and her boss at the studio isn't even convinced she has talent), her twin sisters are so close it hurts (and it's good at hurting Jenny), and she's not entirely sure why she has a crush on jock Tate Brodeur (not that he's noticed her... yet). To find her true self, Jenny begins to search for the one person who might really understand hersomeone biologically connected. With Tate's help, Jenny consults the Donor Sibling Registry, and before she knows it, she has discovered a half sibling. Alexa is witty, impulsive, and desperate to meet. Jenny's convinced her genetic other half is the key to having a family, but when Alexa shows up unannounced, Jenny's world changes in ways she never could have predicted.

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Emily Franklin
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7th April 2015




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