Odds on Oliver by Constance C. Greene

Odds on Oliver

Constance C. Greene


Odds on Oliver by Constance C. Greene

Can Oliver become a heroeven when no one needs saving? Oliver knows he's destined for greatness. Deep in his bones, he feels his courage growling like a lion, just waiting for a chance to prove itself. As for a Boy Scout or a firefighter, the trick is to always be prepared. Oliver's only problem is that he's already finished the fourth grade and might be running out of chances to show his stuff. But don't bet against him. The odds are that when he's tested, Oliver will be ready to save the day. In a series of wacky misadventures spanning a day of fishing turned shark attack and an evening at a red-hot Tex-Mex restaurant, Oliver does his best to be heroic.

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Constance C. Greene
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10th February 2015




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