Isabelle and Little Orphan Frannie by Constance C. Greene

Isabelle and Little Orphan Frannie

Constance C. Greene


Isabelle and Little Orphan Frannie by Constance C. Greene

It's up to Isabelle, Guy, and Herbie to show Little ';Norphan' Frannie why reading is so much fun Meet Frannie, a ';norphan.' It's what Frannie says you call a kid who lost her daddy and then her mommy (when mom left to go find a new dad). Frannie is staying with her ';aunt,' a waitress at the local cafe who brings home leftover pancakes for dinner. When Isabelle the irrepressible itch discovers that Frannie can't read, she gets right to work. Reading is her favorite thing in the world, and she's pulling out all the stops to help her new friend learn how to do it. With familiar characters like Guy and Herbie as well as the perennial antagonist Mary Eliza along for Isabelle's continued adventures, Isabelle and Little Orphan Frannie, the third book in Constance C. Greene's Isabelle series, offers a fun, engaging read for Isabelle's young fans.

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Constance C. Greene
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24th February 2015




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