Isabelle the Itch by Constance C. Greene

Isabelle the Itch

Constance C. Greene


Isabelle the Itch by Constance C. Greene

Meet Isabelle, the original itch Isabelle is an itch. She can't sit still and is always jumping from one thing to another. Being an itch means that she plans, jokes, plots, and schemes her way through life. Isabelle fights her best friend, Herbie, every day after school, and she's probably the fastest girl in her class, especially now that she has her new Adidas sneakers. Isabelle's dad says she could climb a mountain if she could just focus on one thing at a time. But why do one thing when you could do ten? When her older brother needs a substitute for his morning paper route, Isabelle has a chance to prove to everyone, especially herself, that she can channel her energy into something useful. In this, the first in Constance C. Greene's rollicking Isabelle series, readers will discover that a little determination can make all the difference.

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Constance C. Greene
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24th February 2015




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