Tituba of Salem Village by Ann Petry

Tituba of Salem Village

Ann Petry


Tituba of Salem Village by Ann Petry

A West Indies slave becomes entangled in the infamous witch trials of 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts In 1688, Tituba and her husband, John, are sold to a Boston minister and sent to the strange world of Salem, Massachusetts. Rumors about witches are spreading like wildfire throughout the state, filling the heads of Salem's superstitious, God-fearing residents. When the reverend's suggestible young daughter, Betsey, starts having fits, the townsfolk declare it to be the devil's work. Suspicion falls on Tituba, who can read fortunes and spin flax into thread so fine it seems like magic. When suspicion turns to hatred, Tituba finds herself in grave danger. Will she be judged guilty of witchcraft and hanged? Loosely based on accounts of the period and trial transcripts, Ann Petry's compelling historical novel draws readers into the hysteria of America's deadly witch hunts.

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8th September 2015




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