Second Daughter by Mildred Pitts Walter

Second Daughter

Mildred Pitts Walter


Second Daughter by Mildred Pitts Walter

Set during the American Revolution and based on a true story, Elizabeth Freeman, a young slave, sues for her freedomand wins Sheffield, Massachusetts. Six-year-old Aissa and her older sister, Elizabeth, work as slaves in the home of their ownersMaster and Mistress Anna. Raised by Elizabeth after their mother died, and chafing under the yoke of bondage, Aissa is a natural-born rebel. Elizabeth, nicknamed Bett by her owners, is more accepting of her fate in spite of growing anti-slavery sentiment. She marries Josiah Freeman, a freed black man, and they have a child. Then on July 4, 1776, America achieves her dream of independence from England, and in 1780, Massachusetts drafts its own constitution, establishing a bill of rights. When Mistress Anna, angered by Aissa's defiance, threatens her with a hot coal shovel, Bett takes the blow instead, and is severely burned. She walks out of the house, vowing never to come backand takes her owners to court. Second Daughter is both riveting historical fiction and rousing courtroom drama about slavery, justice, courage, and the unconquerable love between two sisters.

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Mildred Pitts Walter
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19th January 2016




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