Nelly: The Traveling Turtle by Abril Barrao

Nelly: The Traveling Turtle

Abril Barrao


Nelly: The Traveling Turtle by Abril Barrao

Nelly: The Traveling Turtle, is a book for boys and girls from 2 to 6 years old.The young reader, with an adult's help, will enter into a world of magic and fun.It's a must-read and enjoyable for the littlest one in the home. Children learn many life lessons from stories, whether it be about the family, sociocultural issues, ethics or material values. Stories arenecessary for the natural flow of respect, love and friendship. AbrilBarrao Mir daughter of writer Isaac Barrao, brings us into a story full of these everyday,necessaryvalues so that the littlest ones can learn while playing.Who better than a ten year old girl can understand this world of fantasy that us, the adults, have long since forgotten?

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Abril Barrao
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11th July 2016




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