Secret Holes by Pansie Hart Flood

Secret Holes

Pansie Hart Flood


Secret Holes by Pansie Hart Flood

Sylvia and Miz Lula Maye are back! And Sylvia is in for a big surprise when Miz Lula Maye tells her about secret holes. Secret holes, Miz Lula Maye explains, were places where people used to keep money and important papers. They could be anywhere--under a loose floorboard, behind a wall, or even inside a bedpost. Between getting to know her newfound daddy, frying up fritters, and helping uncover hiding places from long ago, Sylvia decides to draw a picture of her family tree. With Miz Lula Maye's help she fills in her daddy's side. But what about her momma's? Sylvia doesn't know, and her momma's not telling. While looking for answers, Sylvia uncovers the biggest secret of all--a secret that changes everything she ever thought she knew.

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Pansie Hart Flood
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Lerner Publishing Group Carolrhoda Books

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1st August 2003




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