Colony Kids by Heather Lehe

Colony Kids

Heather Lehe


Colony Kids by Heather Lehe

It's 1935, during the Great Depression, and Paul's family is out of work and out of money. They have nothing but a little ramshackle farm in Minnesota. Now that's gone, too. Suddenly, an incredible opportunity opens up for 202 families, including Paul's, but it means moving far away, to a land few people know anything about. Will his family go? Will Paul have to leave his friends, family, and beloved dog, Rascal? Then Paul meets tomboyish Maggie and adventurous Erik, also kids of new colonists, and together they face the unique realities of living in the far north. Based on true stories, follow the trials and adventures of Paul, Maggie, and Erik as their families start over in hopes of building a new life in a strange land so far away. Will they make it?

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Heather Lehe
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1st July 2001




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