Real Life by Katrina Wilterding

Real Life

Katrina Wilterding


Real Life by Katrina Wilterding

If you think high school is bad, wait until real life starts.Real life? What does that mean?How is love, death, grief, and joy not real life?So much can happen in just a short time. Four years, the amount of time in high school on average. Four days, the amount of time before astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission walked on the moon after leaving Earth. Four hours, the time it takes to fly from Anchorage to San Francisco. Four seconds, the time it takes to say "e;I do"e; on your wedding day. It does not take much to change a life forever. Real Life tells the story of a little over four months in the lives of two high school students. Four months was all it took to rearrange their lives for forever.

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Katrina Wilterding
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1st January 2016




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