Mind Melting Trivia by Lou Harry

Mind Melting Trivia

Lou Harry


Mind Melting Trivia by Lou Harry

Which former Beatle starred in a Pizza Hut commercial? How many peg spaces are there in Battleships submarine piece? About how deep is the Earths magma layer? Find the answers to these questions and over 500 more mind-melting questions in this digest-sized trivia book you wont be able to put down! Whether the answers are on the tip of your tongue or youre scratching your head in bewilderment, youll be amazed at how fun and entertaining the hundreds of factoids and tidbits will be. The compact book is the perfect travel companion for bus rides, road trips and waiting rooms; also great for entertaining friends and family wherever you go! Questions range in topics from sports, music and games to Mother Earth, Disney and food for thought, challenging even the most well-versed trivia experts.

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12th August 2014




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