Adventures of Jack and Billy Joe by A. Jeff Tisdale

Adventures of Jack and Billy Joe

A. Jeff Tisdale


Adventures of Jack and Billy Joe by A. Jeff Tisdale

Welcome to South Mississippi in post World War II. In spite of the war, it is still a wholesome time when most citizens try to do right by their neighbors.Jack and Billy Joe are two boys who have little money. For entertainment, they use the forest, swamps, streams and rivers to their best advantage. Adventure seems to be just behind every bush.When these boys were not involved in adventures, their other friends of the time were, and they passed the tales along unabridged (or so they say). These stories have been bandied about in South Mississippi since their inception, and each telling has minutely altered the previous teller's story.Tall tales or true stories? Adventure and excitement, or a look into the past? Ultimately, this book is about the boys and their interaction with others of their age and the adults of the time, in a collection of stories to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

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A. Jeff Tisdale
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18th October 2012




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