Quicklet on The Gunslinger by Stephen King by Nicholas Greene

Quicklet on The Gunslinger by Stephen King

Nicholas Greene


Quicklet on The Gunslinger by Stephen King by Nicholas Greene

Quicklets: Learn More. Read Less. Stephen King is considered by many to be among the 20th century's most prolific writers, and he virtually defined the modern horror genre. With a portfolio of forty-nine published novels and countless more short stories; King has won a number of literary awards, including the Bram Stoker Award, and The World Fantasy Award For Life. Many of King's novels have been adapted into award-winning movies, including The Shining, Children of The Corn and Carrie. Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine, on September 21,1947 to Donald Edwin King and Ruth Pillsbury King. As a young man, Stephen King attended Lisbon High School in Lisbon, Maine in 1962. He notes that his high school career was "e;totally undistinguished. I was not at the top of my class, nor at the bottom."e;King considers The Dark Tower series to be his masterpiece, and rightly so. The Gunslinger's been featured on The New York Times Bestseller list, and has been translated into thirty-eight languages. In total, the Dark Tower series has sold over thirty million copies. First conceived when the author was only nineteen; the epic tale of Roland of Gilead spans a total of seven novels, and has won a number of prestigious awards for its masterful, far-sighted storytelling. Throughout the series, he weaves in characters and villains from dozens of his other works, connecting them all to the sinister persona of The Crimson King. Quicklets: Learn More. Read Less.

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