Futbol Mundial Mexico by Ethan Zohn, David Rosenberg

Futbol Mundial Mexico

Ethan Zohn, David Rosenberg


Futbol Mundial Mexico by Ethan Zohn, David Rosenberg

Following professional soccer player Ethan Zohn on another global adventure, this entertaining and educational handbook explores the cultures and customs of Mexico. From a walking tour of Mexico City and visits to the ruins of the countrys ancient civilizations to a once-in-a-lifetime butterfly migration sanctuary and colorful Lucha Libre wrestling, this investigation explores the real Mexico, avoiding the commonplace tourist traps and border towns. Activities presented in each chapter include science and math projects based on Mayan cultures, creative writing and art exercises inspired by Mexican folk art and celebrations, and even simple traditional recipes. Staying true to its series, this installation provides the opportunity to research a charitable project in Mexico and make a difference in this wonderful country.

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Ethan Zohn, David Rosenberg
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1st April 2011




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