Ugly Goddess by Elsa Marston

Ugly Goddess

Elsa Marston


Ugly Goddess by Elsa Marston

Author Elsa Marston weaves an exciting story full of Egyptian mythology, historic detail and adventure in her book, The Ugly Goddess. When a famous sculptor dies and leaves a magnificent statue of the goddess Taweret not quite finished, his young servant boy Bata resolves to deliver the statue to the person for whom it was commissioned. That person is the Princess Meret, who, as Pharaoh's daughter, is destined to become the new Divine Wife of the god Amun, a position of prestige and power. But Meret has feelings for Hector, a handsome Greek soldier. Amid much pomp and circumstance, Meret reluctantly sails up the Nile to the sacred city of Luxor to fulfill her role as the new Divine Wife. Meanwhile, Bata has made a surprising connection with Hector, who loves Meret and hopes to find her before it's too late. Together, they follow Meret up the Nile. Bata quickly discovers that the statue is not just a skillfully carved piece of stone; it really is the goddess herself - Taweret - with the body of a crocodile, the head of a hippopotamus, the legs of a lion, and the arms of a man. Carefully concealing the statue, Bata and Hector manage to get to Luxor-only to learn of impending catastrophe. The Persians are about to attack Egypt and Princess Meret has been kidnapped! Will the divine assistance of Taweret help Bata and Hector accomplish their quest?

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7th May 2014




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