Anything I Wanna Be by Gloria Clark, Sydni Moore

Anything I Wanna Be

Gloria Clark, Sydni Moore


Anything I Wanna Be by Gloria Clark, Sydni Moore

It's great to be young, brown and a girl. When you tap into the power of that dynamic combination you can be anything you want to be. When you're young, energy and excitement propels you forward. When you're a brown girl, in all our varying shades, you have strength because if you can walk boldly in that golden, God-given skin, you are fearless! Oh yes, no matter what comes your way, sadness or gladness, you can take bad and make it good and you can turn good times into great joys. Inside these pages are powerful poems that will ignite your soul and uplifting stories to motivate you to keep on keeping on. Whatever it is you want to be. . . this fun compilation piece was written to help you shine. Read it, let it motivate and encourage you and guide you on your journey as you discover the greatness in YOU!

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Gloria Clark, Sydni Moore
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18th November 2014




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