Pigeon Man by Joel Edward Stein

Pigeon Man

Joel Edward Stein


Pigeon Man by Joel Edward Stein

What happens when an unlikely threesome is thrown together by circumstance? Fate intervenes and three lives are changed forever. Danny Simon, a 13 year old Jewish refugee, lost his entire family in Poland to the Holocaust. Now he must adapt to a new life in America -- with an aunt and uncle he never met. It is not easy for him. Images of his horrifying ordeal often come to visit him at night. And he must contend with neighborhood bullies. But his life takes a turn in a different direction when he tries to rescue a wounded pigeon. That's when he meets Mike Delaney; a man whose past is filled with secrets. And so, a Jewish refugee, a battle weary war veteran, and a wounded pigeon form an unlikely bond. Together they will learn valuable lessons from one another. And together they must find a way to heal old wounds. Only then can they begin life anew.

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Joel Edward Stein
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8th April 2016




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