There's a Worm on My Eyeball by Adam Taor, Douglas Holgate

There's a Worm on My Eyeball

Adam Taor, Douglas Holgate


There's a Worm on My Eyeball by Adam Taor, Douglas Holgate

Amazing stories of the alien zoo of contagious germs, bacterial body snatchers, vile viruses, and squirming worms that could be living inside YOU...If you ever need an excuse to chuck a sickie from school, here's the ultimate guide. Are you host to the African eye worm - a five centimetre-long worm that reveals itself by squirming across your eyeball? Ewww!!! Or could you tell your mum that you have a ten-metre long beef tapeworm in your guts? Gross!!! Maybe that cut on your little finger is glowing in the dark due to light-emitting bacteria? (Hmm, actually, that could be something to make all your friends jealous.) And that's before you get to the billions of tiny bugs living in your poo . . . Be warned. If you read this book, you will never look at the world - or your own body - the same way again.

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Adam Taor, Douglas Holgate
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26th October 2011




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