Three Million Acres of Flame by Valerie Sherrard

Three Million Acres of Flame

Valerie Sherrard


Three Million Acres of Flame by Valerie Sherrard

For Skye Haverill and her family, it begins as an ordinary day. But in the annals of Canadian history, October 7, 1825, is the date of one of our greatest national disasters.The Haverill family has been turned upside down in the last year. Following the death of their mother, Skye and her brother, Tavish, have adjusted to live with a single parent. And when they're asked to make another adjustment -- when his father remarries and his new wife becomes pregnant -- Skye finds that some changes are too much to handle.But family struggles quickly become irrelevant when the Haverills and their community are caught up in the Miramichi Fire, the largest land fire in North American history. As the family and the town struggle through the fire and the devastating aftermath, all must find a way to rebuild homes and relationships.

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Valerie Sherrard
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26th November 2007




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