Once Upon a Time Long, Long Ago by Shykoff, Mets

Once Upon a Time Long, Long Ago

Shykoff, Mets


Once Upon a Time Long, Long Ago by Shykoff, Mets

How did we get to be US? Who are WE? This story for the younger reader, set in the period some 50,000 years ago when an almost explosive change in people's behaviour occurred, addresses these questions. From this period on, people, the Cro-Magnon or Homo sapiens sapiens who are considered to be our ancestors, became what we term human. This recreated story presents a sister and brother in a sequence of events that fits what little is known about that time. Learn to create fire, shape tools, partner with wolves and develop into thinking, creative persons who can influence the world around them. Discover what effect a few curious and reasoning people can have on their society.A devoted grandfather and reader of stories to grandchildren, Henry Shykoff has created a classic adventure for the younger reader, answering the question, "e;How did we get to be human?"e;Nominated for the Silver Birch Award."e;This is an intriguing story that vividly brings to life an exciting moment in human evolution. Full of struggle and adventure, this highly readable tale is as entertaining as it is informative."e;- Linda McQuaig, Author and Journalist

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Shykoff, Mets
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15th March 2001




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