REAL Loch Ness Monster by David Jefferis

REAL Loch Ness Monster

David Jefferis


REAL Loch Ness Monster by David Jefferis

Imagine... an expanse of water vast enough to hide a thousand secrets...A creature lurking in the inky, hidden depths... A beast with the power of legend... A monster that's long, fierce, and scaly... A leviathan that's been hunted again and again...Without success. Until, perhaps, now...And for readers, a chance to track down the valuable Silver Ness, a hidden treasure, awaiting discovery...Read the book, find the clues, search for the Silver NessThere are dozens of clues hidden in the words and pictures of TRLNM. When you have read the book, the next step is to solve those clues, puzzles and riddles in a quest to find the valuable treasure, a unique silver-ingot pendant we call the Silver Ness, "e;the monster with the gemstone eyes."e;Secrets of the K-LabOur monster hunters are based at the Knowledge Lab, or "e;K-Lab"e;, a hidden base used by Dr Nicholas Know and Hilda Hunter to investigate "e;The Bizarre and Unbelievable"e; around the world.

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David Jefferis
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14th February 2013




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