Most Amazing Mysteries! by Michael Johnstone

Most Amazing Mysteries!

Michael Johnstone


Most Amazing Mysteries! by Michael Johnstone

The incredible mysteries examined in this book will baffle and delight anyone fascinated by the inexplicable. Whether searching for the fabled Atlantis, trying to solve the horrific crimes of Jack the Ripper, or discovering the true identity of the man in the iron mask, this investigation of a world of mystery will intrigue and entertain. Join the author in the hunt for the crew of the Mary Celeste, or formulate your own theories on the existence of the yeti - and enjoy this fascinating collection of the weird and wonderful. The mysteries examined here are guaranteed to arouse your curiosity and even after looking at all the facts in the cool light of day they will retain the ingredient that all have in common: Mystery!

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Michael Johnstone
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5th December 2003




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