Janna Mysteries 4: Willows For Weeping by Felicity Pulman

Janna Mysteries 4: Willows For Weeping

Felicity Pulman


Janna Mysteries 4: Willows For Weeping by Felicity Pulman

Murder at Stonehenge, and a letter that could change the fate of a medieval kingdom at war...Janna has joined a band of pilgrims en route to Oxeneford. Along their journey she finds a dead man carrying a letter bearing the seal of Henry, Bishop of Winchester, now a supporter of the Empress Matilda. Bernard, the leader of the pilgrims, swears Janna to secrecy, and undertakes to deliver the letter to the empress in Oxeneford, where the empress is making preparations to claim the crown. Will Janna find the answers she seeks in Ambresberie? Dashing newcomer Ralph has promised to help Janna with her quest to find her father - but can he be trusted? And with the empress routed by the queen and her mercenary army, and evidence of Bishop Henry's treachery in Janna's own hand, what does the future hold for the empress and her supporters - and for Janna?

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Felicity Pulman
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1st January 2079




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