Superhero's Handbook #1 by Yihui Hu

Superhero's Handbook #1

Yihui Hu


Superhero's Handbook #1 by Yihui Hu

No superhero is ever going down without a fight.Dexter Lee, 16, is not going to let this go. His superhero parents were killed in a freak accident caused by a freaky villain by the name of MadScoop. Dexter knew he had to avenge his parents so he decided to become a superhero. Luckily, the chief of superheroes saw the potential in him and recruited him. But before he could fight MadScoop, he must first train and toughen up. This was not as easy as Dexter thought. Is it worth it to train for days, months and years, just to avenge your parents? The answer for Dexter, is yes.Superhero's Handbook is the first in a series of graphic novels by talented young Singaporean artist Hu Yihui.

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Yihui Hu
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11th September 2012




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