Sharson Chronicles by Beth Cortese

Sharson Chronicles

Beth Cortese


Sharson Chronicles by Beth Cortese

Come and meet the scheming scientist called Cromdork, who has astronomical aspirations to seize the throne; Klanky, the shaggy dog in shining armour; Miss V.O.R., a practical woman with a passion for shoes and glitter; a pair of gossiping geese, Chatter and Banter, and the local natural disaster expert, Ernest Tremor. Welcome to Sharson, the kingdom where electricity is supplied by a windmill called The Royal Draftness and Weather is a moody woman who no one wants to mess with.Inside, follow the crazy adventures of this collection of characters and find out:Who kidnapped Klanky?Can clumsy Beanpole Breezy and her feisty striped friend Rayra beat the herd of greasy sheep?What is Weather's secret? Can Chatter and Banter discover it before it's too late?

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Beth Cortese
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30th November 2015




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