123 Count With Me by Sybrina Durant

123 Count With Me

Sybrina Durant


123 Count With Me by Sybrina Durant

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of counting books out there. They all teach 1 through 10 and back again. And many have cute pictures and rhymes or songs to complement them. This book is similar except the whimsical illustrations by Parbbonni will delight parents and children with their Old World charm and joyful images. Every number in the book is associated with an adorable little child and sweet cuddly animals. Even the lizards look warm and swishy. Look inside the book to see that this artist paints a pictorial feast for the eyes. The author, Sybrina Durant is also a lyricist whos melodic verse will have everyone gleefully singing along as the pages are turned. The rhymes are a little quirky yet they lend themselves easily to song. Listen to the song for free at sybrina.com. Visit the website to learn about other childrens books by this author.

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Sybrina Durant
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11th October 2015




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