Arabian Nights by Andrew Lang

Arabian Nights

Andrew Lang


Arabian Nights by Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang's selection from the vast treasure chest of the Arabian nights fairy tales contains the following stories:The Story of the Merchant and the GeniusThe Story of the First Old Man and of the HindThe Story of the Second Old Man, and of the Two Black DogsThe Story of the FishermanThe Story of the Greek King and the Physician DoubanThe Story of the Husband and the ParrotThe Story of the Vizir Who Was PunishedThe Story of the Young King of the Black IslesThe Story of the Three Calenders, Sons of Kings, and of Five Ladies of BagdadThe Story of the First Calender, Son of a KingThe Story of the Second Calender, Son of a KingThe Story of the Envious Man and of Him Who Was EnviedThe Story of the Third Calender, Son of a KingThe Seven Voyages of Sindbad the SailorThe Little HunchbackThe Story of the Barber's Fifth BrotherThe Story of the Barber's Sixth BrotherThe Adventures of Prince Camaralzaman and the Princess BadouraNoureddin and the Fair PersianAladdin and the Wonderful LampThe Adventures of Haroun-al-Raschid, Caliph of BagdadThe Story of the Blind Baba-AbdallaThe Story of Sidi-NoumanThe Story of Ali Colia, Merchant of BagdadThe Enchanted HorseThe Story of Two Sisters Who Were Jealous of Their Younger SisterThis book is annotated with a rare extensive biographical sketch of the author, Andrew Lang, written by Sir Edmund Gosse, CB, a contemporary poet and writer.

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