Red Romance Book by Andrew Lang

Red Romance Book

Andrew Lang


Red Romance Book by Andrew Lang

The preface of the book gives credit to Mrs.Lang for these beautful stories which she did out of old romances, the editing being the work of Andrew Lang. Which ever one may deserve the "e;lion's share"e; of the authorship we welcome this charming collection of tales which are worthy the author from whom we have been accustomed, for many years, to expect the most beautiful of modern fairy tales. There is no danger of being forced to take the editor's advice: if we do not like one story to try another. From the moment we fell under the spell of William and the Werwolf there was not a doubt in our minds that every one of these classic romances must be read in regular order from beginning to end. A book of such rare literary merit, so exquisitely bound and illustrated is a valuable addition to young people's libraries. This book is fully illustrated and annotated with a rare extensive biographical sketch of the author, Andrew Lang, written by Sir Edmund Gosse, CB, a contemporary poet and writer. Contents: PrefaceHow William Of Palermo Was Carried Off By The WerwolfThe Disenchantment Of The WerwolfThe Slaying Of Hallgerda's HusbandsThe Death Of GunnarNjal's BurningThe Lady Of SolaceUna And The LionHow The Red Cross Knight Slew The DragonAmys And AmyleThe Tale Of The CidThe Knight Of The Sorrowful CountenanceThe Adventure Of The Two Armies Who Turned Out To Be Flocks Of SheepThe Adventure Of The Bobbing LightsThe Helmet Of MambrinoHow Don Quixote Was Enchanted While Guarding The CastleDon Quixote's Home-ComingThe Meeting Of Huon And Oberon, King Of The FairiesHow Oberon Saved HuonHavelok And GoldboroughCupid And PsycheSir Bevis The StrongOgier The DaneHow The Ass Became A Man AgainGuy Of WarwickHow Bradamante Conquered The WizardThe Ring Of BradamanteThe Fulfilling Of The ProphecyThe Knight Of The SunHow The Knight Of The Sun Rescued His Father

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